The Elections From Another View

While the major political parties continue debating the midterm election winner, another group is rejoicing in the confusion: Wall St.

Is This the Peak for Home Prices?

Concerning housing trends have emerged in recent market data.  Home price gains slowing, inventories in key markets increasing for the first

The Top 5 Reasons to Refinance in this Market

The most common misconception about refinancing a mortgage is its only worthwhile if you can reduce your interest rate.  Rate

The Top Three States Attracting Californians

The US Census Bureau’s survey indicates the number of people leaving California has steadily increased the past two years.  So which

Interest Rate Forecasts – 2016

Industry Expectations Couldn’t be clearer – rates are going up.  Be it major bank heads, “economists”, media outlets, the message

Market Presents New Challenge: HELOC or Refinance?

With home values at all-time highs and first mortgage rates lower than the current market, many of you are inquiring with us