#logoloyalty: What is it and how does it affect your loan shopping?

Today, we’re talking #logoloyalty. This is what it looks like:
You’re reluctant to go with a new bank because you like and are loyal to your current bank right?
Here’s what Dusty Broderick of Solidify Advisors has to say:

1. Logo Loyalty

“…while logo-loyalty is certainly commendable, banks unfortunately do not reciprocate. Loan servicing is largely a commodity which is bought and sold at will, to the highest bidder.

2. What happens?

In your closing documents will be a disclosure stating the bank reserves the right to sell your loan servicing at any time. Given the frequency of mergers and acquisitions in our industry, a borrower can expect a handful of logo changes to their statements over their loan term.
Ultimately your loan will be sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, regardless of what bank you choose. Fannie and Freddie place no value to the servicer, they will scrutinize your loan as entirely new.

3. What’s the scoop?

So while it may “seem” beneficial, going back to your current service will not yield any lesser efforts or cut corners. In fact with a lesser accomplished professional spearheading, it will likely mean more work for you.”
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