Top Tips and Tools for 2019: Finance

Let's take a look at great tips and tools, starting with the most exhilarating topic of all: personal finance!

There’s nothing better than starting the new year right.  Fortunately our extensive network of clients and partners is packed with resources to help you do just that.

Let’s take a look at great tips and tools, starting with the most exhilarating topic of all: personal finance! 🙂


Home & Mortgage Tips:

Connect with your mortgage advisor annually to make sure your loan still fits your plans.  Be sure to mention:

    • if you’re contemplating the purchase of a new primary, secondary, or investment home
    • if retirement, college tuition, or extensive home repairs are looming
    • if you have credit card or other revolving debts you cannot pay off monthly
    • if you’re contemplating a move out of state


Investment Tips:

Our long-time friend John Taylor, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, offered up some quick 2019 investment tips:

      • Stay invested – just make sure your investments align with your plans and situation
      • Invest now if you’re not invested, consider investing more if you are – the stock drop in late 2018 created a great entry opportunity
      • Find a trusted advisor – market volatility like we saw in late 2018 will test the mettle of even the most seasoned investors.  Having someone there to diversify and guide your portfolio will minimize your stress and maximize your returns


    (fun fact: John is a former Dallas Cowboy…hey, no one is perfect)


Credit Tips:

Our credit gurus at American Credit and Advantage Credit have some great insights which apply to everyone:

    • always use to track, monitor, and view credit (by far the best and most comprehensive source)
    • to reduce junk mail, register here to opt out of pre-screen credit offers for up to 5 years
    • as always keep balances below 35-40% of the limit, and avoid closing credit card accounts


    Financial tools and apps:

    Mint (free) – budgeting, planning, bank account syncing, does it all

    Acorns ($1-3/mo) – an incredible tool for mindless saving

    Betterment – online financial advisor, read a review here

    Homebot Digest (free for Solidify clients) – customized insights about your home and mortgage

    Rate Watch (automatic for Solidify clients) – scans the market daily for rate and payment savings


    Podcasts, books and resources:

    Stacking Benjamins – fun, upbeat, vast, just like finance 🙂

    So Money – high quality guests, covers everything from investing to entrepreneurship

    Dave Ramsey – a well known name in personal finance

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad – an all-time classic, Robert now also does a radio show and podcast

    Think and Grow Rich – simply doesn’t get any better, a must read for everyone


Happy New Year!